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War Games Tournaments


Each event is €5 or €10 for the weekend. Wargames are located in the Astra Hall


Age of Sigmar:

As the forces of order, chaos and death battle to determine the fate of the Warhammer world, we stand around to make idle chit chat and witty trash talk.

A round robin tournament.

Saturday 10-5



In the future there is only war. Well, war and prizes. Well, war and prizes and bragging rights.

A round robin tournament to prove that you’re the best at moving little plastic space men.

Sunday 10-6



“Red leader standing by”. “Stay on target”. “Hello there”.

Ensure your opponents fear the might of your fully armed and operational battle fleets in this round robin tournament.

Friday 6-9



Ah painting, probably the most relaxing part of warning. Being able to switch off and focus on something small for hours on end.

That’s not how this is going to roll. We provide a mini, you bring your paints. One hour to work with, best job wins!

Sunday 11-2