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Where will we be playing?

Video Games will be held in the Red Room again this year, situated in the New Student Centre just past the Cinema, where we will have plenty of plugs available, an Xbox, Wii U, and PS4 set up with games to play to pass the time, in addition to that we will be running small scheduled tournaments with a chance to win tickets!

Casual Friday

DA da da da! Come one come all and familiarise yourselves with what we have to offer at video games. No big tournaments here, just some relaxing casual play where you can sample what you like for the evening.


All Video Games tournaments cost €2 to sign up, with tickets for the Prize Wall as prizes!
Smash Tournament:  Players will fight it out to be the best Little Mac they can be or deliver a furious FALCON PUNCH! To the face of their opponents in a 1v1 double elimination tourney. First to be knocked out best 2 out of three fights.
Saturday 10-1

Mario kart Tournament: Enter to Race to your hearts content and red shell your pesky competitors in this race to get over that finish line before you get blue shelled.
Saturday 2-5


League of Legends: Fancy a league tourney. Grab some friends or team up with strangers (soon to be friends) and fight it out with another team for ultimate glory.
Sunday 10-1


Overwatch: Hey there you Hanzo main, don’t worry all are welcome to play some Overwatch and escort that payload while Mercy holds down the point.
Sunday 2-5


Soul Calibur: 1V1 elimination, best 2 out of three rounds to take home all the glory.
Saturday 10-1