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What do you mean by “special events”?

Special events are events that are out of the ordinary, events that you wouldn’t usually expect to see at a con or events that don’t fit into any of the other categories of games/events normally run at a con. So what have we got in store for you? We have 4 different special events organised for the weekend of Vaticon.

Come by our prize wall and guess the number of snakes we have slithering around in the jar to win those yummy yummy, most probably jelly snakes!


Retro snake on a not so retro screen

Did you spend your childhood trying to beat someone else’s high score on your nokia phone? Did you think that smart phones had turned all that into wasted time? Well now is your chance to prove to everyone that you are the best at snake on the big screen! Join us for a free to play, free to heck, retro snake extravaganza in our cinema! Prove you’re the best and win tickets or just spectate and comment the “you could totally beat that score.” Winner gets some sweet sweet tickets!
Friday 6-9

Windmill Slam

Come on down for Windmillioniare, everyone’s favourite Magic: The Gathering gameshow and watch it transition to the silver screen. Will they make the most out of the cinema? Almost certainly not. Will it be a ridiculous gameshow that’s fun for all? Absolutely!
Saturday 2-5

The In-quiz-ition

Join us in the bar for our annual table quiz (and at least a couple of drinks). Go it alone or form team of up to five and prove that you know the most about some of the least important subjects! We promise it will be a fun evening that you may or may not remember in the morning. Our winning team will be showered with tickets.
Saturday 6pm-9pm
UCD bar
Entry: €2 per person or €10 for a team.

Ssssssssssnake moviessssss

With everything going at vaticon guys, we know you’ll occasionally just need to chill out, and what better way to relax then watching a film marathon dedicated to the people of Pope hississton the 1st? We have a nest of snake movies for you to enjoy! Just think of it as watching the Chamber of Secrets scenes in Harry Potter without all that magic context! This is free, so feel free to drop in, sit back and relax with the gentle and totally non-creepy hissing of giant snakes and the gentle turbulence of snakes on various vehicles.
Sunday 10-1