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Those That Do Not Belong

Special events are what we call anything that doesn’t fit into your standard game types or maybe are not gaming related at all!

We have a huge selection of Special events here at Vaticon!

Trial By Trivia

Saturday 6pm-10pm
Price: 3 per person, Teams of 1-5         

Ever wanted to undergo a trial? Against a dragon or demon to prove your worth and receive your rightful title as supreme adventurer? Or travelling the region collecting Gym Badges? Well unfortunately all lava pit and wolf fighting ideas I proposed to the Team we’re shot down under “Health and Safety” risks but Nathan did allow me to call the Pub Quiz “Trial by Trivia” so I’m putting this down as a win.

Join us for our annual Pub Quiz upstairs in the student bar (O’Neill Lounge) Saturday Night, where you and your carefully chosen team can face the Vaticon Trails on topics designed for gamers of all kinds, binge watchers, readers, and Spotify listeners. And of course the elusive trial for those that have it all figured out.

Prizes for the winning team are a bundle of tickets (most winnable at any single event) and of course the official right to call yourself “All Knowing Geniuses” for the rest of time*


*Vaticon does not take responsibility for the possibility that calling yourself “All Knowing Geniuses” for more than 24 hours can cause a loss in friendship, change in social status or facial damage.

Gray School of Arms

Learn to sword fight with professional swordsman and martial artist Nathan Gray. Gray school of Arms is offering the chance to try out sword fighting and to see and hold weapons used in the school. This is ideal for those thinking of taking up martial arts or wishing to learn stage and screen/ stunt fighting or simply improve their larp or cosplay performances. Come on down and give it a go!

They will be doing one to one lessons as the day goes each being 10 minutes long. 3 euro a head will be fine for those wishing to participate

Click here to see their website!

Weekend Challenges

Sporcle Championship
€2 per challenge

Every day we will be taking challengers for the Sporcle quiz challenge of the day, 3 days, 3 topics, to be announced on the day (can’t have you sneaky gamers training beforehand – I know what you’re like!). The challenge can be undertaken as many times as you like and each challenge increases the prize pot to be awarded at the end of the day.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Sporcle is check it out by simply googling it and checking out the site! All the challenges for Vaticon are carefully chosen and game related!


Fishing Championship
€2 per challenge    

I don’t know if any of you remember but a few years ago myself and Beth manned the Board games rental table, for laughs we bought a couple of cheap €2 fishing game rods and filled a Tupperware with water and challenged each other. Within 3 hours a small child asked to rent the fishing game and we let him, the fishing game was rented a further 4 times making it the most popular game of the weekend!

This year the fishing game returns as a weekend challenge at Vaticon 24! How many fish can you catch in 3 minutes? Who will rule as supreme Fish-Catcher on the leader board at the end of the weekend? All proceeds will go directly to our Charity. Every challenge adds a ticket to the prize pool.


Want a Jar of Sweets?
Price: €2 per guess

There’s no need to explain, you see the jar across the room, your eyes meet, there’s a spark, you want each other. It’s your typical Gamer meets Jar of Sweets, Gamer guess how many Sweets are in the Jar, Gamer takes Jar of Sweets home. So go win yourself a beautiful Jar of Sweets! All proceeds will go directly to our Charity. The prize is simply your treasured jar of sweets!