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And So It Begins

To kick off the weekend we have the evening slot running Friday with a selection of RPGs!

Registration opens with the Con at 5pm and all RPGs cost €2

Evening Slot (6pm-9pm)

Under the Shadow of Coronet                                                   RPG Room 1

GM: Ben Murphy
System: Pokemon Tabletop United
Plays: 3-6

In the small village of Eterna, fear has struck populace. People vanishing into the night, strange figures moving through the woods, watching, waiting. This terror has gone on long enough, and the High Council of our Lord Arceus has dispatched knights and mages alike to investigate these disturbing phenomenon, and to drive out the evil that awaits under the shadow of Mt.Coronet……

A fantasy RPG set in Medieval Era Sinnoh

Dokidoki Ataraxia! Everyone’s in the Cosmos                    RPG Room 2

GM: Kimi Lim
System: Fate Accelerated
Plays: 4-6

In the golden age of space tourism, the Solar Sailer Ataraxia departs for another successful cruise in the stars. Today the passengers include child geniuses, magical girls, otaku with way too much money and a talking dog. But there’s something weird about that one android in the corner. Or was flash of hostility just a programming glitch? Is the holiday going to be ruined by some devious plan?!

It’ll take guts and cunning to solve the underlying conspiracies of the Solar Sailer Ataraxia. A space anime styled RPG.

Paranoia                                   RPG Room 3

GM: Nathan Lennon
System: Paranoia
Plays: 6

Glory to friend computer. Welcome fellow trouble-shooters, today you have been assigned a simple task, go down the corridor and revive an item from room 762. Sounds easy right? Paranoia is a fun game for of deception mistrust and hilarity set in the far future were a super intelligent AI becomes terrified of communists.