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Here’s the timetable currently: Timetable!

RPGs/LARPs will cost €2 to play – proceeds go to Pieta House!

Morning Slot (10am-1pm)

Bioshock: The Fall of Rapture

Rapture: one man’s dream. An escape from the oppression of government and church. Where
the strong could thrive free from the chains of petty morality. The city at the bottom of the ocean.
For a time the metropolis boomed with industry and discovery. It was never going to end wellthough.

New Year’s Eve, 1959 and everything is going downhill (and underwater) fast. The surface
world is looking more appealing by the second. It’s time to get the hell out of here.

A Savage Worlds game for 6 players by John McGowan
RPG Room 1


Dresden Files: Ace of Swords

It all started when that ship turned up in the port of Miami with its crew dead. The authorities called it gangland killing and to be fair it was a pretty reasonable guess. But it wasn’t the Russians, the Hatians or the cartels this time. Whoever it was wasn’t interested in drugs or guns and they’ve been cutting a swath across the city ever since. Now the people in the know about what’s really going on are either abandoning the city or hunkering down to try and avoid getting killed in the cross fire. Someone’s got to do something before it’s too late. That someone is probably you.

A Dresden Files Accelerated for 5 players by Micheal Calnan
RPG Room 2


Supernatural: Family Ties- Born to Be Wild

Along a lonely stretch of highway in northern Colorado there have been several mysterious disappearances. This has been going for six months and the Highway patrol have been unable to find any of the missing people. Their only clue has been that all the missing people had stopped at a biker bar along the highway before they disappeared. There must be more to the situation and you and you friends have been assigned the task of finding out. Gas up the RV, load your weapons and get ready! Something is taking people and you are going to stop them!

A game set in the Supernatural universe for 5-12 hunters by Dudley Martin
System: Modified Supernatural RPG
Tags: Supernatural TV show, Horror, Teenage shenanigans
RPG Room 3


PFS – 11am-3pm, Blue Room


PFS #5–16: Destiny of the Sands—Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages

Tiers 3-7

Uncovering the secrets of a Jeweled Sage reveals that the others are in grave danger, and the PCs set off after notorious jewel thieves before the criminals can disappear with another priceless treasure. When the trail leads to the sages’ hidden sanctum deep within the Pillars of the Sun, the Pathfinders must draw upon both their own resourcefulness and the ancient historians’ power if they are to preserve a millennia-old organization and Osirion’s past.


PFS  #1-39: The Citadel of Flame

Tiers 1-5

Once the home to a cult preaching self-sacrifice by immolation in order to achieve paradise, the Citadel of Flame in Qadira’s Meraz Desert was presumably wiped out decades ago after Sarenrae dervishes led a crusade to end its morbid message. An enormous sandstorm swallowed both the citadel and the army attacking it, burying both beneath hundreds of feet of sand. Thought lost forever, the citadel’s rediscovery prompts the Pathfinder Society to send you deep in the unforgiving Meraz to finally close the book on Qadira’s most mysterious cult.


Afternoon Slot (2pm-5pm)

The Emptiness Conundrum

Space is vast, ancient and lonely. This contradiction of the age and size of the galaxy, held against the apparent uniqueness of our civilisation was once known as Fermi’s Paradox. We know it as the Emptiness Conundrum.

The Skycalled are individuals who thrive in space, engineered biologically and cybernetically to shift between the stresses of planetary life and interstellar exploration. Drawn to the stars, you left your planets behind to seek out the mysteries of the universe in centuries-long journeys between planets.

For the first time, the crew of the Wings of Eternity appear to have found something. In an uncharted region of the galaxy, on a lone planet orbiting a star not unlike our sun is, undeniably, a designed structure: a bridge. You are sure you will find something there that will write the Wings of Eternity in the annals of history.

And maybe you can find the answer to the question that plagued Fermi: Where is everybody?

A Space Opera for 5 Skycalled by Hannah Vii
RPG Room 1


From the Ashes

Nobody remembers how or why the golden age came to an end but when the ash began to fall out of the heavens above, that is when the world as humanity knew it was over. The only remnants of the old world is the derelict structures that peak out of the great ash desert forever to be a constant reminder of how far we have fallen. Of course there’s also the Maelstrom, you must have felt it to right? Everyone does. You know when you close your eyes, and as if your mind has opened up and broke through the barriers of your own perception. The voiceless whispers forever howling from the dark corners of own mind. Whispering in a language never before spoken.

If it is not your own very mind that is trying to tear you apart, then it is the constant dangers that lurk beyond these walls. Violence is the now the common trade of humanity, raging wars upon one another, even in such dire times. But the bigger question is, how will you survive and rise from the ashes of world taken from us. Will you let it burn or preserve what is left of society. Perhaps will you wish to uncover the dark secrets locked in our own minds, all these choices are yours my friend but please look out for yourself and keep your weapon ever so close. For when you venture beyond the walls of Turis, you are on your own. perhaps you will find something worth fighting for in a world that has nothing left to save.

An Apocalypse World RPG for 6 players. Where players can take the roles of survivors equipped with a variety of weapons and abilities. Easy for both new and old players alike.
By Aaron Kinsella Howard
RPG Room 2


The Naqada Nest-Egg

“The great Pyramid of Vallen-Ra has stood untouched for over 80 years in the fertile lands of Kemet. It’s the largest pyramid ever built and as far as the boss is concerned it’s ripe for a plundering. Your job is to break in and liberate some of its treasures including the famous diamond of Naqada. The pyramid is the largest ever built and reportedly filled with curses of every kind and rumours of terrible beasts that eat trespassers souls….still I’m sure you’ll be fine! So yeah, job’s an easy one; don’t get cursed, don’t get eaten, grab the gold and steal the diamonds!”
“Oh and don’t forget to check for traps!”

A 5th edition one-shot dungeon crawler for 3-5 players. LV3 Characters will be used. Players are encouraged to bring spare characters. Premade characters will be available.
Written by Rowan Joffe McLachlan
RPG Room 3


PFS – 4pm-8pm, Blue Room


PFS #8-16: House of Harmonious Wisdom

Tiers 1-5

Mighty Lung Wa once controlled much of Tian Xia, but the empire crumbled a century ago. Three Successor States have squabbled for dominance ever since, each insisting that it alone is the rightful inheritor of Lung Wa’s glory. In the shadow of these mighty nations, the humble land of Shokuro has sought the means to discourage its neighbors’ territorial ambitions and earn their respect. When a retired hero learns of a lost, legendary palace that might protect relics of the old empire, she calls on the Pathfinder Society for assistance finding the fabled site. The PCs must travel to each of the Successor States in search of clues to uncover the palace and the treasures within.


PFS #1-56 The Jester’s Fraud

Tiers 5-9

Life in Taldor is fraught with peril, especially for the crumbling noble houses of the Taldan countryside. One such house, the Bourtze Family, has fallen on hard times and they’ve informed the Pathfinder Society that, in exchange for a small sum of money, they’d be willing to part with a treasure trove of lore about Qadira’s Grand Campaign, the 300-year invasion of Taldor. On your arrival, things quickly turn for the worse and instead of evaluating the worth of a few scraps of historical paper, you must instead retrieve one of the most dangerous artifacts in the empire.


Evening Slot (6pm-9pm)

Once a Sinner

You are a blank slate, and only Sin and Choice remain. Do you choose to construct a morality all
your own, or do you give in to your Sin?
A player-driven game for 3-5 players about inventing the
Self and developing a morality, or about
slaughter and depravity
By Robbert Kivit
RPG Room 1


The Tolarian Oaks Kerfuffle

A MtG themed game for 6 players.

Welcome to Tolarian Oaks, where everything is perfectly normal, thank-you very much. Tolarian Oaks is the perfect community for those powerful beings who desire a quiet, almost-normal-but-not-quite-but-it’s-as-close-as-you’ll-get retirement. We hope you enjoy the neighbourhood and we look forward to meeting you if you decide to purchase property here.

– Sincerely, Rashmi, Tolarian Oaks Manager.

Disclaimer: Management is not responsible for Yidris’s occasional chaos storm, Ghave’s overgrown garden or Zedruu constantly “loaning” things to people. These and other matters have been addressed and portly ignored by residents.

Written by Rowland Cooper
RPG Room 2


Cogs and Sprongs

What do you do if your very way of life is threatened? How do you face an enemy no one has defeated, an enemy that comes in the night and leaves nothing but screams and tears and heartache? What do you do? You gather your friends, the people you trust, and with nothing but a screwdriver and your blankie you… Hold on… I thought I said I wasn’t writing another one of these things?

A GURPS Discworld game for 6 dwarven toddlers who aren’t afraid of the bogeyman… totally not afraid.
Written by Ian Power
RPG Room 3