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The Final Stretch!

Entry to all RPGs is €2

Morning Slot (10am-1pm)

The Keening of the Skies                                       RPG Room 1

GM: Rowland Raoul Cooper
System: Homebrew
Plays: 10

The Spirits are growing restless. Something has changed them. Something has made them go against what they are. Something is killing the night-stars. The Ancestors are restless and cry out in pain. we must help them…

Sede Vacante                                                              RPG Room 2

GM: Kimi Lim
System: Fate Accelerated
Plays: 8

In a world like ours but not – the death of Pope Serpentine XXIII heralds the end of an era. The College of Cardinals are summoned together to elect their new leader with the blessing of the divine guiding them. However, as the door closes and their holy seclusion begins, the end of the world descends. The Cardinals are only human after all (as far as we can tell). When the time seal dissolves on the conclave, what will you do? Do you look to your faith to deliver or do you follow what is embedded in your heart?

An irreverent historic fictional RPG dealing with faith, fate and the end of the world, for up to 8 people. Please note that this RPG may cover sensitive issues

Family Ties – Undercover Fears                                RPG Room 3

GM: Dudley Martin
System: Supernatural RPG (Modified)
Plays: 5-12 (Age 13+)

Tulsa, Oklahoma, site of a field office for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Normally a site to be avoided at all costs by hunters such as yourselves, but Elliott has gone in as an agent and has uncovered something big.  Unfortunately, he had to get out fast and before he could gather the information on a major conspiracy directed at your group.  So, do you make do with the little you have or do you risk it all to get potentially lifesaving information from the hands of the FBI?

Afternoon Slot (2pm-5pm)

Night in the building of historical significance                             RPG Room 1

GM: Nathan Lennon
System: Call of Cthulhu
Plays: 2-6

Looking for: Night security guard for Littlefield Museum of History Littlefield Museum is in need of a new team of security guards to help protect our cities most prized historical positions.

Applicants must be professional, a love for history, have at least two years’ experience in security or museum work, and be flexible for hours.

For more information or to apply please contact John Rosewater at 0876647672

A security job at night in a museum? How easy could a job be? I mean what’s the worst that could happen? Not for the faint hearted this game will force players to the limit of their sanity and then ask them to jump. Will you be there to greet the morning staff with a smile on your face or will you ever smile again?

Mazes and Monsters: Part 1                                            RPG Room 2

GM: Andrew Barcoe
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Plays: 4-6

This game is unsuitable for children.

A game in two parts, following the adventures of a group of kids playing D&D against the backdrop of the 1980’s Satanic Panic, and dangers that never entered their worried parents’ heads. To get the best experience, sign up to play both slots

Eleven (and a half) year old Bobby’s gaming group have found the perfect place to play the end of their campaign. So, if you’re not a chicken, meet us at the steam tunnels under the old hospital, bring your dice, snacks, and a torch, and we’ll beat that Hag once and for all.

From Below                                                       RPG Room 3

GM: Mark Kelly
System: Esoterrorists 2nd Edition
Plays: 3-8

Disclaimer: As this is a horror game, there will be dark themes.

A world of unimaginable horrors exists all around us: usually unseen, but incredibly dangerous. It is the thin barrier of The Membrane alone separates our universe from destruction at the hands of the creatures of the Outer Black. There are those amongst us who, for their own twisted reasons, desire to tear through The Membrane and unleash these terrible entities upon the world – The Esoterrorists. Only the Ordo Veratatis, a clandestine organisation of agents trained to combat the supernatural, stand in their way.

In this game for up to 8 players, you take on the roles of a group of these agents sent to investigate a tape found in the Catacombs below the city of Paris. The tape shows little other than a man running through the tunnels desperate to escape some unseen horror, but the Ordo Veratatis suspects it may be something otherworldly. What became of this poor soul far beneath Paris? What had terrified him so much in his final recording? Can the agents solve this mystery? Or will the Catacombs swallow them as well?

Evening Slot (6pm-9pm)

Rustboro in the Moonlight                                         RPG Room 1

GM: Ben Murphy
System: Pokemon Tabletop United
Plays: 3-6

The bustling metropolis of Rustboro is known throughout the world as a city of progress. The home of the great Devon Corporation, it attracts scientists and engineers the world over seeking to impress their way to the top. But Dev.Co’s biggest rival, the Kanto founded Silph.Co, has launched a new branch in the city. Something sinister must be behind this aggressive movement, and the Devon Corporation wants you to find out….

A darker cyberpunk RPG set in Hoenn

Mazes and Monsters: Part 2                                            RPG Room 2

GM: Gwen Farrel
System: New World of Darkness 1st Edition
Plays: 4-6
RPG Room 2

A game in two parts, following the adventures of a group of kids playing D&D against the backdrop of the 1980’s Satanic Panic, and dangers that never entered their worried parents’ heads. To get the best experience, sign up to play both slots

This wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t supposed to go this way. But we’re friends, and friends stick together no matter what. We’ll make it right, somehow…

*note, despite the child protagonists, themes in this game are unsuitable for children

Fey Earth – The Lost of Ballinacoll                           RPG Room 3

GM: Niall O’Bhrion
System: Homebrew
Plays: 4-6

Set in an alternative late 19th century Earth where magic is real and all the creatures from folklore and fairytale are real and have always lived alongside humans, sometimes peacefully, sometimes not. The party have travelled to the remote rural town of Ballinacoll in the south east of Ireland. Over the past number of months some children have gone missing. The locals with help from the constabulary have searched the area but to no avail. Some suspect it is the work of the Fey that live in the woodlands to the north of the village, while others are looking at their neighbours with suspicion. A reward has been raised to entice adventurers to find the missing children and bring the culprit or culprits to the justice.

This game is suitable for anyone of any level of gaming experience who love worlds of set in alternative what-if universes.