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Endless RPGs!

Entry to all RPGs is €2

Morning Slot (10am-1pm)

Conquer the Stars                                             RPG Room 1

GM: Anthony Gough
System: Starfinder
Plays: 6-8


It’s 50 BEA (Before Emperor Arrival) and the Galaxy is at war. On one side is the great human empire who are joined by the Shirren Conglomerate and the Lashunta contingency. On the other is Gork and Mork industries, a company with almost limitless amounts of resources. In these trying times, the empire has been forced to commit all of their manpower to this war. A group of individuals called the Phantoms are created by the empire with the express duty of dealing with problems the empire cannot deal with at present. But this is not their story. Unbeknownst to the empire, the CEO of Gork and Mork, Mogg, has devised a plan to collect a group of rare artifacts to help insure his victory. You are a part of a group paid by Mogg to collect one of these artifacts. Will you complete your task and collect your large reward or will a change in perspective cause you to change sides

New Jonesville                                                  RPG Room 2

GM: Sam Treacy-McGee
System: Call of Cthulhu
Plays: 3-6

Mission Debrief:
Destination: New Jonesville
We’ve had a report and several rumors of small paranormal activity in New Jonesville.
Standard stuff, head out there, determine the source and fix whatever the issue is.
Standard issue gear, depart when ready. Any questions?

Within the Shadows                                       RPG Room 3

System: Dungeons and Dragon 5th Edition
Plays: 3-6

As members of the local Adventurer’s Guild, you and your comrades wish to work your way up to the top, and you’ve just been given the opportunity of a lifetime. A bounty has been placed on a rogue Nephilim. Once a rich and powerful aristocrat, he has been charged with murder, and has fled, though it is believed he has gone into hiding not too far away. A dangerous target, but with the risks comes great reward. Do you have what it takes?

Afternoon Slot (2pm-5pm)

The Battle of Barhelt 5                                      RPG Room 1

GM: David Hayes
System: Oceania
Plays: 6

The Fight Against Varius has been gruelling, It is only the first month of the battle, but Varuis have forces one world and hold the Northern Polar region with 4 Conroy Class Deep Space Fortress and 2 hefty defence fleets. Your job is simple, hit the control room of the Seckle Space Elevator and return it to Hifell control, making it harder for them to put troops on the ground. Do this right and we can cut off their troops’ supply lines and wrestle back control of the planet

Blood and Iron: Broken China                          RPG Room 2

GM: Dudley Martin
System: First Edition Victoriana (Modified)
Plays: 3-8 (Age 13+)

As 1865 ends the world stands on the edge of a newfound spiral of destruction.  While some efforts to solve the myriad of woes experienced by the British empire have been successful, there still exist many enemies wishing the empire and its (mostly) stalwart defenders ill.  The British consulate had (before the current unpleasantness) established a series of stores in the region of Taipei County, which helped promote the local tea business, resulting in massive tea leaf exports to Europe and profits to the empire.  But intelligence has discovered a plan that the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and their Tao mage allies are planning an attack on the settlement.  Our forces are spread thin trying to defend our holdings and we do not have any reserves to commit to this.  You must take what you can gather and stop this attack.  The Empire and the tea are counting on you!

The Strap Throat Project                                       RPG Room 3

GM: Mark Kelly
System: Esoterrorists 2nd Edition
Plays: 3-8

Disclaimer: As this is a horror game, there will be dark themes.

A world of unimaginable horrors exists all around us: usually unseen, but incredibly dangerous. It is the thin barrier of The Membrane alone separates our universe from destruction at the hands of the creatures of the Outer Black. There are those amongst us who, for their own twisted reasons, desire to tear through The Membrane and unleash these terrible entities upon the world – The Esoterrorists. Only the Ordo Veratatis, a clandestine organisation of agents trained to combat the supernatural, stand in their way.

In this game for up to 8 players, you take on the roles of a group of these agents sent to investigate the disappearance of three college students, last seen in heading into the woods that surround the village of Redwater Downs, a strange burg of suspicious locals and rumours of a terrible secret. What brought these students to this backwater in the middle of nowhere? What became of them? And can the agents unravel the mystery? Or will they too disappear into Redwater Downs?

Evening Slot (6pm-9pm)

Breathless                                                                          RPG Room 1

GM: Rowland Raoul Cooper
System: Homebrew
Plays: Up to 6

Fifteen days stranded in the doldrums. Not a breath of wind to so much as stir the heavy white mist surrounding the galleas. Rations are low, and those that remain are riddled with weevils. The water barrels are slime-covered and stagnant, and the Captain hasn’t come out of his quarters in three nights. Not even an albatross call breaks the stillness of the ocean. The only thing reminding us that we are in fact at sea is the occasional ripple as the shadow passes underneath

Prosperous Zhang Must Die                                       RPG Room 2

GM: Seán Leaney
System: Legends of the Wulin
Plays: 2-4

In the city of Thrashing Minister, seat of Nine Roads County, the magistrate Prosperous Zhang rules. Not for long, though; tonight, after weeks, if not months, of planning, you will finally slay him. You know your cause is righteous, and you know he must die… and so do those three other people who just showed up. Wow, he really is unpopular.

A light-hearted kung-fu murder-heist for two to four would-be assassins.

48 Hours in Gotham City                                              RPG Room 3

GM: Donal McClean
System: Dark Heresy 1st Edition
Plays: 3-6 (Age 18+)

The year is 1952, the age of villains and vigilantes. The broad sheets are filled daily by equally broad shouldered heroes doing battle with those who would subvert the laws of justice for their own nefarious needs. These titanic struggles between these bigger than life personas hold the very fate of the populous in their hands…but they also hold tightly their attention. A unique market has opened up in the city of Gotham for medium impact crime to take advantage of an overworked police force and distracted vigilante group. If you take just enough no one will ever know you were there. Play as members of one gang of henchmen who are sick of playing the game safe and want to hit it big. You have two days to plan and execute a big score so you leave town for good, fund your super awesome death ray or just for a taste of the good life. Be careful though! Gotham is full of psychotic crime bosses, bloodthirsty mobsters and manic bat billionaires who would love to put a stop to your get rich quick scheme.

48 hours in Gotham city is an RPG game for 3-6 players based on DC comics lore where the players must choose, plan and execute a heist job. The system used is the Warhammer dark Heresy d100 rules