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Here’s the timetable currently: Timetable!

RPGs/LARPs will cost €2 to play – proceeds go to Pieta House!


Evening Slot (6pm-9pm):
Summer at Camp Candlefield

An Experimental Improvisational Storytelling LARP* for 8-12 teenage stereotypes by Feargal Keenan

Camp Candlefield is where you’re wiling away your summer, Be it from misguided efforts to have a “typical” summer experience or parental exile you’ve found yourself here amidst the lakeside vistas and pine forest scenery. Competitive games and begruding songs around campfires aside the camp is a place where summer seems endless and troubles so far away.

Except there may be a monster in the late and a wendigo in the woods and something just feels…odd.

*How much the GM is phoning it in will be revealed in time.


Morning Slot (10am-1pm):
Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit: Salt in the Wounds

PWEC is going on a big summer tour across the United States, but there’s a small matter of housekeeping to be done, thanks to the crazy events from Hardcore Havoc. Every title changed hands and there’s a brand new piece of gold the PWEC roster are ready to challenge for. But most shocking of all, there’s only one man in charge, now that the General Manager has been fired. Bitter rivalries will come to a head here in Washington DC, and there’s going to be backlash across the board. From the opening match all the way to the main event, the wrestlers will be leaving everything in the ring as they fight for what they believe to be right, or rightfully theirs.

Live on pay-per-view, get ready for Salt in the Wounds.

A pro wrestling themed game with social politics and collaborative narrative combat for 14 returning players and 6 new players.

By Padraig O’Rúis and Eimhin Loftus


Afternoon Slot (2pm-5pm):
Higher Powers #28: The Masques We Wear For Sale: 2 Tickets To The Trinity Ball. The annual Trinity Ball in Dublin is set to draw the biggest crowds ever this year. The headline act is is Unit-T, that pop group of recent graduates from St Frances’s in Galway! Absolute dreams, the lot of them – and a mixture of both super powered Parahumans and bad ass normals. Celebrities, heroes, villains,the super rich powerful and famous will be there and you never know who you will run into because – It’s a masked ball this year!
My parents are freaking out because with all the Parahumans here they are convinced there is going to be trouble, like Crime Wave stealing the Book of Kells or something stupid. So I’m selling my tickets. Otherwise I would totally be there. Don’t forget a set of running shoes to match your dress when everything goes crazy!

A Super Powered LARP for 25 returning players and 6 new players


Evening Slot (6pm-9pm):
Paranoia – Have a happy day.

Friend Citizen. The Computer in all it’s magnanimous magnificence bids you a mandatory Happy day. There is some restructuring approaching the Alpha Complex and some new terms are soon to be released. Before this momentous event and mandatory applause the Computer wishes that we take a moment and reflect on the many good and wonderful things the Computer in it’s infinite wisdom has done for us and the many commie, mutant and traitor scum it has terminated. Before the wonderful news and mandatory applause is announced the Computer wishes to ensure that the Alpha Complex is free of such commie mutant and traitorous scum and you friend citizen are being entrusted by the Computer computer to complete this task before the patch, reboot and upgrade to Alpha Complex.
Have a mandatory happy day.

A Paranoia LARP for 24 players by Seamus Butler


Morning Slot (10am-1pm):
Dublin Dark Heresy LARP Society presents:
Green Crusade 3: Red tape makes it go fasta

Da biggest of Warbosses, da all-powerful Mu’Waagh da Ever-livin’, ‘as passed away in ‘is sleep of natural causes. After ‘is head was found 15 feet away from da body. Due to da rules set out in ‘is Will, found pinned to ‘is chest wiv 3 daggas, da most trusted, loyal & smart of lieutenants shall share in da ‘orde of planets, armies, trophies, body parts & wealth da Warboss ‘as accumulated durin’ all dem glorious Waaaghs. Sadly da Will does not go into detail as to which Orks gets what loot, as that part was smeared in blood, but dat’s nothin’ a bit of red tape can’t fix. & maybe some blue tape too.

A Warhammer 40K LARP for 15 Ork Lawyers
by Matty


Afternoon Slot (2pm-5pm):
Higher Powers #29: Turning Over a New LEAF

Welcome to the Fields Clinic, where your recovery is our world. Whether you’ve been the victim of the ParaDrug Scourge or were injured in Hokkaido or by the super powers that fill the world, we’re here for you. Our diverse treatment plans ranged from guided meditations to cutting edge therapies and rehabilitative cybernetics. Backed by charitable donations and the ForrestTech LEAF Project, the clinic is situated in the secluded Oudtshoorn, South Africa, just a short distance from the Cango Caves. You can enjoy your recovery with our full team at your disposal.
Join us today at our open day festival to see what we have to offer. When people got their super powers the laws of nature and science changed and new possibilities were unlocked. Have hope in a better future and there is no obstacle you cannot overcome on the road to recovery.


Evening Slot (6pm-9pm):
You are not alone

The last thing you remember is the accident. You were driving home, it was raining, you could not see through the windshield properly, the road was slick, and suddenly you could not keep the car under control.
You crashed through the barrier, the windshield shattered, the last thing you remember is the icy water covering your face, rushing down your throat, coughing, choking….
And then you woke up here. The room is brightly lit, it has no doors or windows. And you are not alone.

A LARP of mystery and self discovery for 6-12 players by Andrew Barcoe.