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Always LARPing around!


Benton Industries Needs You!       Evening Slot (6pm – 9pm)

GM: Jack Carey
Plays: 12-20

For years Benton Industries has supplied your homes with electricity and the latest technology, from central heating to the weapons used to protect your cities. Now, the pinnacle of the Industries’ fleet, the Leviathan is making its maiden voyage and needs talented sailors and workers to continue the proud tradition of whaling. Excellent pay, on-the-job experience at sea and minimal risk of injury and death. Sign-ups start today. Take your life into your own hands!

A nautical LARP set in the Dishonoured universe


Fast Timey-Wimeys at Coal Hill Academy  Morning Slot (10am – 1pm)

GM: Feargal Keenan
Plays: 10

Mandatory Study Group – it’s a nice way for the Governors to say “Detention”, isn’t it?
They just sit you down and make you do test papers and stuff.
Great, that’s just great, exactly what you need – while the new Head and the Governors are off having a wonderful boring meeting you’re sat doing a paper from the 1800s or the 90s.
What was that?
That sounded an awful lot like a scream…
A horrible dying scream.
Why are the shutters down and why can’t you get any reception?
What’s going on?
And is it REALLY a good idea to open that door?
Even if, right now, all you want to do is…Run.

Gerry Winter – America’s Favourite Talk Show     Afternoon Slot (2pm – 5pm)

GM: Andrew Barcoe and Gwen Farrel
Plays: 15 (Age 13+)

Warning – The Gerry Winter Show may contain adult themes or strong language. Parents are cautioned that this program may not be appropriate for children.

Hello and welcome to the show. Today we have a full line up, with people suffering from relationship problems of one kind or another.

Our first guests are asking “Who’s the Daddy?”
Then we have “My brother’s loser.”
After that our guests are asking “Does our relationship need More mans?”
Following that is “Career woman vs Daddy’s ticking body clock”
And we are finishing with “Kissing Cousins”.
Welcome folks, and settle down for our three hour season 10 premier, where we will be bringing you the cold hard truth.

City of No Flag                                                        Evening Slot (6pm – 9pm)

GM: David Hayes
Plays: 20-30


The Corporate Council is defeated, their world Banhathis now under the Control of Varius CORP. Numidia did not fall in the Battle of the Rock, but you did find out just how weak you are. What do you do now? You have 50,000 prisoners of war and the slaver Lords are more than likely not finished with you. Saltair do not know who is in charge and the word is someone is being sent here From the central Board to work out what to do next. Things are starting to get messy, but no time to worry, only time to stand too for another watch


Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit                Morning Slot (10am – 1pm)

GM: The PWEC Team
Plays: 14-20

It’s that time of year when PWEC indulges in its hardcore side as we travel to beautiful Los Angeles, California for tonight’s pay-per-view! There will be tables, there will be ladders, there will be chairs, and the main event will be coming from within the chaotic and nightmarish steel cage! All of our prestigious titles will be defended tonight and we will also see the brutal feuds and rivalries that have plagued PWEC for months come to an almighty peak. There will be chaos, and there will be carnage, and tomorrow morning there will be some very, very broken bodies.
Enter the asylum as we bring you PWEC: There Will Be Blood, live on pay-per-view!

(Note: Previous wrestling knowledge is not needed to enjoy this game)

Tales from the Green Wyvern: A Game of Barstools                     Afternoon Slot (2pm – 5pm)

GM: Aidan Marsh, Gavin Walsh, Fionn Mitchell & Shane Carr
Plays: 12-16

The Beneficent Guardian, Ruler of the Realm, is dead. This is irksome, as you hadn’t intended her to die for another month. But somehow she’s managed to get herself stabbed in the back in this dingy little bar in this village at the back end of nowhere while taking the Court on a Hunting Trip. Your plans are ruined, and there’s no clear heir. But something may still be salvaged, for surely no-one else is yet prepared, and with the Dark Lord rising in the South you can use that threat to push the gathered Noble Houses into choosing a new leader who can rally the forces of Light against him. Which is, of course, you.