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Are there any shops/food places nearby?

Q. What shops are nearby?

A. In the new student centre there is a student union shop that will be open on Friday and Saturday. There’s also a small café in the new student centre. A ten minute walk across campus will bring you to the on campus Centra, a 10-12 minute walk from the student centres out the Clonskeagh entrance will bring you to a Spar and a chinese takeaway. Some food can be bought from the clubhouse bar that is attached to the old student centre.


Q. What other facilities are available nearby?

A. The Procare Pharmacy in the new student centre is open on Friday and Saturday, and Lloyd’s Pharmacy beside Spar is open all three days.
Google maps:

Procare Pharmacy
Yumi (The Chinese takeaway)
Pizza Hut takeaway

Are children allowed?

Q. Are children allowed at the con?

A. Of course! We encourage gamers of all ages to come along and enjoy themselves!


Q. Are there child-friendly games at the con?

A. Most, if not all, of the Board Games are child-friendly. For RPGs each individual blurb should give a good indication of the content of the game, most games that aren’t child-friendly will say so. The card games & war games events are child friendly but both have a high barrier to entry. But for all games there will be the other players whose behaviour we cannot guarantee.

How much does it cost?

Q. How much does a ticket to Vaticon cost?

A. A day ticket to Vaticon cost €5, while a weekend pass costs €10.


Q. If I buy a day pass can I upgrade to a weekend pass?

A. Yes. You can upgrade your day pass to a weekend pass by going back to the front desk and paying the balance of €5.


Q. Where can I buy tickets to the con?

A. Tickets can be purchased at the front desk which is located just inside the main entrance to the new student centre.

Q. What about individual events?

Board Games – Tournaments are €2, the free play games just require a deposit that you get back when you return the game
Video Games – Tournaments are €2, there will also be free play.
RPGs – All €2
LARPs – All €2
War Games – €5 for 1 event or €10 for the weekend!
Pub Quiz – €2 per person or €10 for a team


Q. Is the con wheelchair accessible?

A. All entrances to the student centre are wheelchair accessible and the entrances to the old student centre are wheelchair friendly, they have accessibility buttons that open the doors, in addition to this all floors in the centre are accessible by lift, so all the rooms and areas for gaming are fully wheelchair accessible.

How to get here

Vaticon is being held in parts of the Old & New Student Centres in UCD.

If you plan on taking the bus here then any of the bus stops with UCD in the name are about a 10-15 minute walk from the con.

If you’re looking on google maps we’re in the building (incorrectly) marked “UCD Sport and Fitness” which you can see in the map linked here: