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Card Games location

Card Games are being held this year in the Astra Hall in the old student centre (the room behind the reception desk) and in Café Brava in the old student centre (just off the concourse).

We’ll be running some tournaments throughout the weekend more details below!


Amonkhet Prerelease

Are you a fan of Magic the Gathering? Then we have just the event for you! All day Saturday and Sunday The Warchest will be offering on-demand Sealed pre release tournaments featuring the latest set: Amonkhet. These tournaments will launch as soon as 8 players enter. Every player will get 6 boosters plus a random foil rare to construct their deck with and there will be 16 prize boosters given out at the end of each 3 round tournament.
Contact The Warchest desk in the Astra Hall with any questions

All day Saturday and Sunday, Registration €25,
Cafe Brava

Commander Showdown

In this altered format of Magic the gathering players play with 100 card decks which contain no duplicates and which are headed by a powerful legendary creature to lead the charge. And handle one opponent as you may, how will you fare against many? Powerful over the top gameplay and ridiculous interactions are par for the course as the armies clash in this wildly popular player created multiplayer format. From a field of millions there can be only one, will it be you?

Sunday 11-1, Entry €5
Cafe Brava/ Atrium

Conspiracy 2: Take the crown draft

The throne lies empty, will you take it? In this throwback draft we will be revisiting the high city of Paliano in a bout for control. Make use of conspiracies that twist the rules against your foes. Trade votes and spread your attacks to manipulate the game in your favour. Seize the crown and give yourself a greater edge- if you can keep it; the crown brings power but also the attention of those ambitious enough to take power for themselves… A perfect event for both newer players and the more experienced alike.

Entry €10

Location: UCD Clubhouse Bar

Hungry Hungry Planeswalkers

Do you love drafting and playing magic but always thought it was missing something? Felt like the process of picking cards could use something to spice it up? Dream that your duel passions of odd Japanese game shows and Magic the Gathering could collide? Well then have we got the event for you. Here all contestants will be asked to build decks in an hour using the same pool of common and uncommon cards before playing those decks against eachother. Friendships will be tested over commons, relationships ended over fourth copies of divination, but most of all fun will be had.

Friday 6-9, Entry: €2
Cafe Brava

Yu-Gi-Oh! WCQ Regional:

Dust off your decks because it’s time to duel! Registration opens at 10:30 with the tournament starting at 11:30. Entrance will be €16 per player and each players will get 3 packs of Raging Tempest for participation with more packs as prizes for the winners. Top 4 will get deck boxes, and top 8 will get Regional game mats! Deck lists will be required for this event.

Saturday 10:30, Entry: €16
Astra Hall