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Free play

Board Games are being hosted in the same place as usual in the concourse in the Old Student Centre, we’ll have tables out with the array of board games that we manage to get our hands on for the weekend and lots of round tables for you to sit down and play at!

For those who are interested we’re planning on holding three board games tournaments during the con! More details.

Board Games Tournaments!

This year we’re running not one, not two but three different boardgames tournaments over the course of the con: 30 Seconds, Love Letter, and Settlers of Catan. Entry comes at the low low price of €2 with prizes in the form of tickets for the Prize Wall!


30 Seconds:
30 seconds is a super speedy little game in which your general knowledge is put to the test, much like charades this less cringy version of heads up sees the players taking it in turns to explain up to five different words on the cards drawn without using even part of the original word! The player who reaches the end of the board first by getting the most correct answers from your team mates wins! Sounds easy, right? Wrong! (-ish) handicaps make the game a little more changing for those with a competitive streak! Have you got what it takes?

Saturday 11-1, Entry €2



Love Letter:

For educated and wild guessers alike love letter is a game of risk, deduction and luck! This game consists of 16 cards and can be played by up to 4 people, the goal of the game is to be the only suitor to prevail in the quest to deliver the fair princess Annette her love letter. On each turn the player picks up a card and plays a card hoping to reveal the final card in the hand of one of your team mates to knock them from the game. All you must do is choose (and guess!) wisely.

Saturday 2-5, Entry €2



Settlers of Catan:

Compete for spaces, resources and rewards in this legendary strategy game in which players have the opportunity to see their little colony’s flourish! Each player will start with 2 settlements and 2 roads to place and collect your first commodities. Resources can be traded and robbers placed with the goal of reaching 10 victory points accumulated by upgrading your towns into city’s, having the longest road and most fearsome army faster than your comrades! It takes more than just luck to dominate the island and reap the rewards. If you’ve never played Settlers of Catan before and are interested their website has a how to play.

Sunday 11-1, Entry €2