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Games in a Box – Literally

Welcome to board games at Vaticon 24!

This year we have three exciting competitions with some of our most popular games as well as the usual all weekend Board Game Rental system.

Just pick up a Board Game Passport at the Front Desk for a €2 refundable deposit and you can borrow all the board games you want over the weekend! The best part is you get the keep the Passport as a souvenir!

The competitions are just €2 and are as follows, and if you want more information on any of our competition games just click on the name of the game!


Ticket to Ride                                                Morning Slot (10am – 1pm)

I love Ticket to Ride, it allows me to live out my dream of travelling and forget, if only for a moment, that I’m a student with no money and so many assignments, except for that bit at the start where who goes first is decided by the most traveled person and there’s always someone who’s been to every continent twice! (you know who you are) But my ambitions aside! Come down for this colorful and delightful game where you park very large trains all over the place blocking other people from getting places! (Note to self: Don’t let gamers run public transport)

This is a very easy to play game, and our staff will happily give you a tutorial!

Settlers of Catan                                            Afternoon Slot (2pm – 5pm)

Whether you just relish in watching your little settlement grow and thrive on an oddly geometric land mass as you slowly but surely steal all available resources from your unsuspecting “friends” (who needs friends when you have sheep, right?) or you’re trying to recreate the start of the revolving bachelor party from Parks and Recs, Catan is the game for you!

If you don’t know how to play, don’t worry it’s super easy and our board games staffers will happily show you prior to the competition.


Love Letter                                                    Afternoon Slot (2pm – 5pm)

No richer is the feeling of knowing you have successfully transported your beautifully crafted love letter through a myriad of palace employees to the princess you wish to woo. (Disclaimer: No, you don’t actually have to write/read a Love Letter, you could, but I was told it was distracting and “not relevant to gameplay”)

A fan favourite here at UCD that we just can’t quite kick! It’s a fun, simple and easy to pick up while keeping just enough of a luck element to be anyone’s game. (Think gambling but without the risk)