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All hail the Snake Pope!

The new pope has been elected and they’re decidedly more serpentine than before, for Vaticon XXIII the Snake rules supreme. This year as usual Vaticon will be held in UCD.  How to find us.

We will have a variety of board games, war game, video games, RPGs, LARPS, card games and even a few special events! More details on all of these can be found in the categories to the left!

The main thing to look forward to that you wouldn’t be expecting is our PRIZE WALL! So if you’ve ever gone to a carnival or arcade where you could win tickets the principle is the same here. Play games, win tickets, claim prizes!

A weekend ticket is €10, a day ticket is €5
If you’re only here to play War Games for the weekend its €5 per event or €10 for the weekend!